26 December 2008

SHAKESPEARE'S CHRISTMAS: Lily Bard Mystery - Charlaine Harris

SHAKESPEARE'S CHRISTMAS was my only holiday read this December and it was a good choice.
Lily resists going to her hometown of Bartley as often as possible, but this is a chance to get over the past that has haunted her and colors the way her family and friends look at her in her hometown. She moved to Shakespeare to move on and hide her scars, but now she is asked by her sister to be her maid of honor at Varena's upcoming Christmas wedding.
Lily's private investigator boyfriend is also in town, following a lead in an eight year old baby kidnapping case. This case will affect one of three families and also leads to murder.

Five Christmas beans....and the bookmark, thank you SuziBell!


Mary said...

If you were only to read one Christmas book it looks like you picked the right one!! I'll add it to my list. Do I need to acquaint myself with the rest of the series first? I'm not opposed to that since I wouldn't get to another Christmas book until after next Thanksgiving.

Vickie said...

Mary: It is a series, but I think the books can be read on their own. I have jumped all around in the series and enjoyed each one on their own. The whole series is very good. Charlaine Harris is a goddess author.

naida said...

I havent read Charlaine Harris yet!
I feel like the only
great review, this sounds good.

Vickie said...

Naida: = ) I reckon you're not the only one....she is super and I highly recommend giving her a try. She has several series and stand-alones to try. Paranormal and otherwise.

Literary Feline said...

Maybe this next year I can read the rest of this series or close to it. This one sounds really good!

Vickie said...

Wendy: It is a very good book. I admire this series.

Danna said...

I love this series by Charlaine Harris! I don't think that any one of the books is a loser... which can happen every once in a while in a series. I agree that you can read them out of order... just as long as you read all of them!