02 December 2008


HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost, MPB, most excellent, look for more

BLUEGATE FIELDS - Anne Perry, BOT, decent and sad

X-RATED BLOODSUCKERS - Mario Acevedo, TPB, excellent fun, already a favorite

MURDER AMONG NEIGHBORS - Jonnie Jacobs, MPB, very good cozy, look for more

FEAST OF FOOLS: BOOK 4 MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES - Rachel Caine, MPB, series just keeps getting better, already a favorite

THE WITCH IS DEAD - Shirley Damsgaard, MPB, superb,already a favorite

THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE - Max Brooks, TPB, good, looking forward to WORLD WAR Z

DECEPTION PASS - Earl Emerson, MPB, good detective mystery...look for more

BLACK WIDOW - Randy Wayne White, BOCD, darn fine suspense/thriller

BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD - Sean Chercover, MPB, gritty noir detective novel, look for more

UP JUMPS THE DEVIL - Margaret Maron, MPB, just love this series

TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES - Neil Gaiman, BOCD, holey shmokes!

MOM MEETS HER MAKER - James Yaffe, MPB, decent story


Mary said...

Wow! Lots 0 books last month!

LOL on your Tex comment on my post :-D

Vickie said...

Mary: I had a lot of reading time last month. Part of the reason I was disappointed I wasn't going back down to the program site again this month. I have six books left for the A-Z Challenge!! Must read faster.