19 December 2008

DEVIL'S CORNER - Lisa Scottoline, narr Barbara Rosenblatt

I always get a new favorite when I listen to or read one of Lisa Scottoline's books. This is my new favorite.

Assistant US Attorney Vicki Allegretti is in the wrong place at the very wrong time when she arrives to interview a confidential informant and almost gets shot. Her ATF partner does and ends up dead. So begins Vicki's investigation into the death of her partner and what exactly can be done to keep the deals of crack cocaine from ruining a neighborhood of Devil's Corner and her beloved city of Philadelphia.
I always feel this sense of aggravation with Scottoline's characters. They always go above and beyond to do the right thing, sometimes at the cost of their jobs and relationships. I know I will be patient and see the books through, because each character goes through a lot of growth and self realization as the book progresses. That's what I like the most. And the fringe characters surrounding the champion who is always a female lawyer of strong fortitude and sense of humor.
Favorite character: Raheema Bristow. Raheema's crack addicted mother was murdered and Vicki knows in her heart that the crack dealer gangs and the murder are connected. She and Raheema make a very unlikely pair as they team up, antagonistically in the beginning, to find the truth.
Barbara Rosenblatt remains in my top five of favorite narrators. She delightfully enhances Scottoline's words.

Five Philly beans.....


Mary said...

I haven't listened to or read any of her books. Sounds like a good one!

Vickie said...

Mary: It is a good listen.

Literary Feline said...

I enjoyed reading this one. It's my first and so far only Lisa Scottoline book, bt it definitely won't be my last. Great review!

Vickie said...

LiteraryFeline: You definitely should read more of her books. I like both the series and the standalones. I am really not a big fan of legal thrillers, but I make exceptions with Lisa Scottoline. = )