05 September 2008

FOOL MOON - Jim Butcher, Book 2 Harry Dresden series

Yowzah!!! If you like your werewolves and magic in plenty, then this is a definite book for you! Harry Dresden lives in the city of Chicago in a world that does not believe in magic in any way, shapeshifter or form. Harry obviously does, he has his shingle out, Wizard for Hire.
He is called in by his police detective mostly friend, Murphy. She is lead on Special Investigations, the cases no one knows what to do with...usually ending up being magical (that no one believes in) in nature.
The call is to investigate or consult on a particularly gruesome murder scene and the only clues are rather large wolf prints...and there have been other such murder scenes in the past several months..during the full moon....see where this is going?
Harry has to do what he needs to do with his powers and his connections to the magical world to solve the murders and get the
Five magical beans!


Mary said...

Yay, for another 5 bean book!

Jenna said...

Well goodness. Now I can't wait to crack open the first book in the series.

Vickie said...

Mary: I do like it when I find them!

Jenna: I hope you like it as much as I did. The first book is superb.