01 September 2008

FLESH AND BONE - Jefferson Bass

I have to admit to being disappointed in this book. The first in the series, CARVED IN BONE, was super and I looked forward to reading this second in the series. Well, both looked forward to and hesitated...that whole sophomore effort hesitancy..and this time I was correct in my wavering. CARVED was strong in story, characters and forensic science (for as much as I know anyway). This one was more about getting Dr Bill into the sack with another forensic pathologist, at least for the first half of the book. Second half was much better and more of why I picked up the book in the first place. Murder, mayhem, suspense kept me reading. It only hinted at this in the first half.
I will look for more, and hope for the best like the first book, of the author team of Jefferson Bass.
Three beans....

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