13 September 2008


A fine third entry for the sister writing team making up Hailey Lind. You get a mystery, some insight into the art world, and cool faux finishing techniques...and for me, an add to my vacation wishlist to visit San Francisco one day.
Annie Kincaid just wants everyone to get over her past as a supremely art forger, a talent she was born with and enhanced with tutoring from her grandfather, who is wanted by the art world (and not in a good way).
Annie is very happy, well..happy...okay reasonably satisfied with her life. She owns her own faux art business, she has good friends and a nice boyfriend. And Frank, Annie's sexy landlord and Michael a hottie art thief. What's a former art forger to do???
She is working on a commission in the Chapel of Chimes, a columbarium, mausoleum and crematorium fixing faded art when she meets Cindy Tanaka at a nearby cemetery. Cindy asks her if the reproduction of La Fornarina by Raphael hanging in the columbarium could actually be the original. The discussion is interrupted by two men in masks, Cindy ends up dead, and the police are calling it suicide. Annie isn't so sure, especially after more suspicious deaths occur. And all of the deaths and mayhem seem to revolve around the mysterious La Fornarina painting.
Four faux gilded beans.....

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