02 September 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

This was Lady K's first 3D flick and she loved it! It was an inadvertant choice, we just wanted to see the movie. Only found out it was 3D when we bought the tickets and they handed us the glasses. Lady K was excited, to say the least. I was a little less so. I don't have good luck with 3D or simulations or spinny rides, so I just knew I'd be in for a long 90-some minutes.
Gotta say, though, that the 3D was easy and totally made the movie superbly fun. Very well done and I really wish that the DVD version could come out in 3D. The movie itself was very loosey-goosey and it helped to just let it flow over you and not get too caught up in the missing bits or how the humans were able to outrun the T Rex....just let it flow over you and you will be fine. And then there is Brendan Fraser....WOOF! Have always enjoyed watching him, especially in movies like this. The Mummy series is a huge part of my 'guilty pleasure' drawer of DVDs...
So go, put on the 3D glasses and enjoy seeing the tape measures, rocks, water, T Rex spit, all that fun schtuff...come at ya!
Four 3D beans!!!

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