24 September 2007

Shipment of Books - Just Like Christmas!!

I had a shipment of books from my B&N order last week and it was free shipping:
The Tunnels - Michelle Gagnon (recommended by BookBitch)
Death's Acre - Jon Jefferson and Bill M Bass
Rumor of Bones - Beverly Connor
Shoofly Pie: A Bugman Novel - Tim Downs
The Dollmaker - Amanda Stevens (recommended by Liz on RBL)

Deep in the Woods: The Beginning - Larry J Hillhouse (arrives today according to the UPS site) This one was recommended by the author in an email reply as a good starting point to his work.


Kristie said...

Let me know what you think of The Dollmaker. I have it sitting on the TBR and would like to hear some reviews to see if I should move it up the list.

Vickie said...

Kristie: You betcha! It was recommended on a challenge I was on over the summer and I couldn't wait to add it to my list and then shelf. I am thinking it is going to be my next purse book after 'The Tunnels'.