24 September 2007

Cozy Challenge Going Along Swimmingly...

Just love those well-written cozies. They go so quickly, short and well written so that a cozy-lovin' person wants read it for a long sitting (or lying/laying (??) if reading in bed). I finished Witch Way to Murder Shirley Damsgaard last night before going to sleep. What a good story, with nice realistic magical touches. Not supernatural type like Charlaine Harris or Kim Harrison, no vamps and werewolves (which I adore reading about, too, BTW). This is folk magick from the hills and the women who are in touch with the powers in the earth. A good mystery along the way with a magick grandmother and a magick reluctant granddaughter solving it.
I think I will start Wicked Women Whodunnit (Honey Who Hasn't?) MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, and Nancy J Cohen as my next bedside book. I was going to read one of my medical thrillers, but I think I need at least one mellow cozy in the grouping. Especially as I am reading Shadow Man Cody McFadyen as my purse book. It's a wonderfully intense thriller mystery.

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