12 September 2007

Good Readin'

For all that it felt like I had to go through to get Better Than Chocolate Bruce Golden in my possession, I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be worth it. I couldn't find it at a bookstore, had to pre-pay when I ordered it at B&N, then they lost it. Went with the receipt from UPS yesterday and they finally found it on their shelves! For their own stock! I know mistakes happen, but those are the ones that seem to happen quite a lot to me. sigh....Anyway, I finally had it in my hot little manos, along with Witch Way to Murder Shirley Damsgaard and The Rest Falls Away: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles Colleen Gleason. Dontcha know I had to ensure my trip would be partially worth it....
So I started Better Than Chocolate last night and I am now halfway through it. It is well written and entertaining as all get out. I can only hope that Mr Golden has written others, though he does recommend two other authors, Mike DiCerto and M D Benoit. The last one I have Metered Space on a wishlist. I am a sort of fan of sci-fi books, but some get too into the weeds for my enjoyment. This one is futuristic mystery and dry humor with interesting premises. Detective Dane loses his partner in a shoot-out and is reassigned a new one who/which is a droid in the form of Marilyn Monroe. Apparently a company made celebrity-droids and then they fell out of fashion. The droids had to find other assignments. Jim Morrison is a garbageman, or Shaman of Sanitation as he would prefer. Diggin' it!!

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Bruce Golden said...

Since you liked my book "Better Than Chocolate," I thought you might want to try my new one, "Red Sky, Blue Moon"