30 June 2007

Whatcha Readin'??

I began Jasmine Moon Murder: A Tea Shop Mystery Laura Childs as my next bedside book. I am on chapter 3 as of last night. It's a very good 'cozy' series with the owner, Theodosia Browning (love the books if only for the main character's name) of a tea shop in Charleston SC who finds herself solving murders. This one occurs after a 'Ghost Crawl' through Jasmine Cemetery to the uncle of Theodosia's sweetie, Jory. He asks her to help, because she is good at this thing, even though she has promised the sheriff to butt out. What we won't do for luh-huv.
I am very much diggin' on City of Bones Michael Connelly as my BOT in the car for my commute listening and sanity keeping pleasure. It is my first Michael Connelly even though I have many in Mt Git'r'Read. I think I could fall for Harry Bosch. I will be utilizing this as one of my 'new-to-me' authors for the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge.
My other challenge book is in my purse. Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass is a bit scratchy, but I like it enough to keep reading. The main character is a forensic anthropologist who built up The Body Farm in Tennessee and is a professor at UT. The 'scratchy' part is that now there are two of his students diggin' on him. I hope this bit doesn't drag the story down. The series is written by two authors, one of whom is the founder of the Body Farm, Dr William Bass. It is said to write what you know.

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