01 June 2007

Books In May I Read/Listened To

Vineyard Prey - Philip R Craig, BOT, Very good series
The Laughing Corpse - Laurell K Hamilton, pbk, Just love that kickass Anita Blake
Bump in the Night - JD Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas, pbk, romance disguised as 'paranormal'. McComas was the best of the bunch.
Sweet and Deadly - Charlaine Harris, pbk, her debut novel and stand alone book. WONDERFUL!
Murder of a Pink Elephant - Denise Swanson, pbk, a very good part of this series
Kill the Messenger - Tami Hoag, BOT, very well written, good characters, good mystery
On What Grounds - Cleo Coyle, pbk, great cozy series, this is first in series
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident - Eoin Colfer, BOCD, good story
Ghost and the Dead Deb - Alice Kimberley, pbk, such a good series and I love Jack (the ghost)
Through the Grinder - Cleo Coyle, pbk, good-good-good!


Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

Let's try this again. Kris is doing a one month challenge - all cozy mysteries. Just your cup of tea I think. Here's the link:

Hope it works this time.