24 June 2007

ARGGHH!!! Lost a post!!!

Not sure what just happened, but I lost a post. Okay, try this again.

I gave up on Great Catherine Carolly Ericksen in the car. It is about Catherine the Great of Russia and the narrator is Davina Porter, who I adore. I was on tape 4 of 11 and just got to the point of not caring about all of the court intrigue and carrying on. I put it back in the box and tried Imperium Robert Harris. I listened to Pompeii a few years ago and enjoyed it. Imperium did not grab my attention at all. Moved on to City of Bones Michael Connelly. That did the trick.

I am on a late shift and it is quiet, so hoping to get in some quality reading time in my purse book Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass. I am a little over halfway through my bedside book Carpe Demon Julie Kenner. I should finish it in the next couple of days and get it back to the box of book donations here at work. I will bring in some extra donations to compensate.

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