02 June 2007

Quilter's Legacy

Just a lovely book and series. Jennifer Chiaverini tells a wonderful story with memorable characters. I want to live at Elm Creek Manor and learn to quilt!!

I finished it on the way in to work this evening. I was sad to have it end. I am so glad it is a series and I can keep up with these ladies and their lives.

I immediately began Darwin's Radio Greg Bear with the velvet-gravel voice of George Guidall narrating. As this is a mystery by a new-to-me author, I believe I am going to count this towards my Summer Mystery Challenge. I now have two books going toward the challenges I joined. My purse book One Grave Too Many Beverly Connor can go towards both challenges as the author is new to me and this is a medical thriller mystery. I am enjoying both immensely.

I still have a little bit more to read in Stolen Kelley Armstrong as my bedside book. I can hope to finish it this rotation as I will be on mids and that makes for longer time in bed for reading when I am trying to wind down or wind back up. I will also be able to read quite a bit in my purse book mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

I read Rachel Vincent's "Stray" this weekend. It is really good. You might want to check into it.

Vickie said...

Doggone it Alita!!! = )

Anonymous said...

I know, sorry!

Have you read C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamps Touch of Madness, book 2 in the The Thrall series? It's based in the Denver area.