24 June 2007

Mowed through 2 x Audiobooks...blech on both...

I tried listening to more of Great Catherine Carolly Ericksen in the car tonight on the way in to work....I was on tape 4, side 1 and I realized I just didn't want to listen to any more of it. I love the narrator, Davina Porter, but the subject matter was just pissing me off. It is about Catherine the Great of Russia and I just did not care any more about any of the people in her life. Not sure if it was the way the story was being told or what, but I used my 'life is too short' rule and let it go.
I then decided to try Imperium Robert Harris. I'd loved listening to Pompeii a few years ago and thought this one would be as interesting. It didn't grab me right away, so moved on to Michael Connelly City of Bones. That did the trick. Happily on tape 1, side 1 now and will send the other two back to Recordedbooks.
I hope to get in some good reading time this evening in my purse book Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass. It started out pretty well and I am hoping that it keeps up that way.
Just a little over halfway through Carpe Demon Julie Kenner as bedside reading. The great thing about mid shift is the fact that I seem to get in more reading time in all of my books.

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