05 June 2007

Time to Choose Another...

I finished Stolen Kelley Armstrong about an hour ago. I have read two others by the author, Dimestore Magic and Bitten. All are, so far, intertwined with the characters, but separate stories that can be stand alone. All wonderful tales and I will be getting everything Kelley Armstrong writes.

What a great way to spend at least part of my first day of break. I woke up from after mid shift nap, read for a bit and dozed off again. I woke at 2pm and read for a wonderful hour to finish my book and now just chilling, thinking about what to read next and posting here, posting on my WW Booktalk and Booklovers boards, and watching Charmed episodes. I really should be out for a walk or a bike ride, but there is always tomorrow.....I can only hope that the cottonwood floof is dissipated. It's driving my eyes nutso.

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