14 June 2007

Just About Done.....

I am on tape 10 of 12, side 1 Darwin's Radio Greg Bear in the car. I will be glad to have it end. I like it, but I am not sure I will read many more Greg Bear books. I will try them to see, I reckon. He writes well, but gets into the weeds with the med speak. I know it's necessary to the story, but I don't dig it.
I am looking forward to something mellower for my audiobook time. Lord knows, I have a stack of them in the car to choose from.

I am halfway through both purse book Blindsighted Karin Slaughter and bedside book Mum's the Word Kate Collins. Diggin' on both of them for different reasons. Kate Collins writes a good cozy and Karin Slaughter writes a fab thriller. I am looking forward to everything they write.

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