28 December 2011

Winter Break Movie Fun - Day Three - Arthur Christmas

Day three brings us to 'Arthur Christmas', a very cute, rather funny holiday animated movie. It's a different take on the Santa Claus story where the Santa mantle is handed down father to son when the father retires. The current Santa, Malcolm, is on his 70th mission and everyone, especially his oldest son, Steve (as perfectly pompously voiced by Hugh Laurie), thinks this is the year Santa will retire and hand over the reigns of the sleigh. And not just any sleigh. This is the S-1, a HUGE sort of spaceship with plenty of elves on board to help deliver the presents in a timely, sort of military precision, fashion.

This year, the unthinkable happens. One child is missed and the only one who seems to be concerned about it is Steve, Santa's youngest son. Steve works in the mailroom, answering the letters to Santa. Steve has a big heart, but bigger feet. He's a bit clumsy and tends to get in the way, but he knows he needs to do something to get that last gift out to the little girl in England. She believes in Santa and Steve wants her to continue believing in the magic.

The rest of the movie is the mission to get the gift delivered and it's hilariously played out with three generations of Santa's and a whole lot of elves.

We can both definitely recommend this one to those with kids and those who are kids at heart.


Sherri said...

Glad you are enjoying your movie days with Lady K!!

Vickie said...

Sherri: Thank you. We are having a really good time.