17 December 2011

DEATH BY THE DOZEN: A Cupcake Bakery Mystery - Jenn McKinlay

From the back of the book:
Melanie and Angie are determined to win the Challenge to the Chef to promote their Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery. Mel's mentor from culinary school, Vic Mazzotta, may be one of the judges, but Mel and Angie will have to win fair and square. But, when Vic's dead body is found inside a freezer truck, Mel and Angie will need to use their best judgment to find the cold-blooded killer or they may lose more than the contest- they may lose their lives.


What is not to love about a mystery series that has a good mystery and cupcake recipes shared at the end of each book?

I love the setting of Scottsdale, Arizona for this series and the idea of a cupcake bakery like Fairy Tale Cupcakes is nifty. And the animosity between Mel and Angie and the rival bakery Olivia Puckett cracks me up. Olivia is truly off her rocker and it's fun to watch her go off.

All of this is in addition to a fab mystery to solve along with Mel and Angie. It's a wee bit like watching Lucy and Ethel solve a mystery, but that's not a bad thing.

Five a lot of fun beans......


Aurian said...

Another series already on my wishlist! Perhaps I should devote a whole month to reading cozies next year ...
Glad you like this one as well.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I love foodie cozies!

Vickie said...

Aurian: I can highly recommend that. I do that sometimes, just devote a month to only reading cozies. Usually November or December when it can get crazy busy with work and holidays. It's relaxing and I get a lot of books read that way.

Mary: So do I. *grin*