07 December 2011

Less Bacon and More Shakin'....7 Dec 2011

I maintained this week, so still 334.2. Losing would have been better, but I know where I went astray. Not much in the activity area as I was on day shifts this rotation.

Off yesterday and went to Team Weight Loss. Today will be cardio and weights, Friday TWL. Along with walking of the Bailey in the nice cold mornings. Back to swings on Saturday, so plenty of time to hit the gym for the next week.

The title of the blog is the catchphrase Lady K came up's appropriate since I know the activity is what gets the fluff to disappear.

Pedometer and activity:

1 Dec - 6403 steps

2 Dec - 6269 steps

3 Dec - 5680 steps

4 Dec - 4808 steps

5 Dec - 7623 steps

6 Dec - 5939 steps

7 Dec - Walked Bailey 30 min, Team Weight Loss 65 min, 14575 steps


Sherri said...

My philosophy is maintaining and not gaining!! Good for you Vickie!

WonderBunny said...

I've been running in the mornings for the last three months... I know how much focus it takes to stick with getting healthy and losing weight, so good for you!