29 December 2011

Winter Break Movie Fun - Day Four - The Muppets

Day four of the Winter Break Movie Fun featured 'The Muppets'. What a fun movie!!! Jason Segel, Amy Adams, a host of Muppets, and a lot of cameos are the good guys with Chris Cooper as the evil Tex Richman who wants the Muppet theater for his own selfish means. It's so much fun, good tunes especially when the song and dance scene ends and Amy Adams' or Jason Segel's daydream gets back to reality....kind of like when you sing out loud to the tune on the radio and your forget that you have your earbuds in? And everyone is looking at you kinda funny? It's perfectly played in the movie.
When 3 muppet fans learn that Tex Richman wants to drill under the muppet theater for oil Gary, Mary and Walter set out to find the muppets who have been split up for years Kermit lives in his own mansion depressed in hollywood, Gonzo is a high class plumber at Gonzo's Royal Flush, Fozzie performs with a tribute band called The Moopets , Miss Piggy is the plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, and Animal is at a celebrity anger managment rehab center in Santa Barbara.Written by Dre

Excellent tunes that make the audience grin especially if you are a fan of the show from back in the day. I am, so I was grinning like a fool the whole time. It was excellent sharing this with Lady K. We can both highly recommend this fun movie.


Sherri said...

Vickie, glad you and Lady K loved this one! You are on a roll of good movies for the holidays!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Vickie said...

Sherri: It was so GOOD! We had a lot of fun at this.