24 December 2011

LEGACIES: A Repairman Jack Novel - F. Paul Wilson

From the back of the book: Repairman Jack isn’t your average appliance repairman—he fixes situations for people, often risking his own life. Jack has no last name, no social security number, works only for cash, and has no qualms when it comes to seeing that the job gets done.

Dr. Alicia Clayton, a pediatrician who treats children with AIDS, is full of secrets. And she has just inherited a house that holds another. Haunted by painful memories, Alicia wants the house destroyed—but somehow everyone she enlists to help ends up violently killed. The house holds a powerful secret, and Alicia’s charmless brother Thomas seems willing to do anything to get his hands on that secret himself.

But not if Repairman Jack can find it first!


I know, I know...not your typical Christmas holiday read, but I like to opt of 'typical'. (C'mon, you knew that)

Jack is such an intriguingly diverse character to read. He's one of the best protagonists in the thriller world. He knows he should keep to himself, but loves the two women in his life, Gia and her daughter Vicky. He'd do anything for them and when Gia asks for Jack's help with what's going on at the Center for Children with AIDS where she volunteers, Jack doesn't hesitate.

Someone has stolen the toys that were donated for the children so that they might have a semblance of a normal Christmas. Jack does his magic and the toys are returned and crapweasel Grinch is definitely taught a valuable lesson the Repairman Jack way and put behind bars.

The rest of the book is repairing the issue of who's killing everyone involved in the house that Dr Alicia Clayton, a pediatrician who works at the Center, has inherited from her father. She doesn't want the house, but she wants help finding out what's going on and why her half-brother wants it so badly. What's in the house that someone is willing to kill?

Seriously awesome scenes abound throughout the book that has Jack defying the odds and fighting the good fight to make things better for good guy and doing what it takes to put away the bad crapweasels out there. I luh-huv this series!!

Five thriller holiday beans.....

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