11 July 2011

THE WITCH'S GRAVE: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery - Shirley Damsgaard

From the back of the book: Cupid has cast his spell on good witch Ophelia Jensen. The practical, pragmatic, law-abiding librarian has just begun letting down her hair with Stephen Larsen, the author of some of the most scandalous crime exposes ever written. It's a match made in the stacks---until the would-be lovers take a quiet countryside stroll, and shots ring out.

A murderer, not magick, made Stephen disappear---and Ophelia might be next. The sheriff warns her and her grandmother Abby not to meddle, but after another shooting leaves them shaken the women can't help but get involved. A sinister stalker is slowly drawing closer to Ophelia, and she'll have to summon all her powers to prevent herself from ending up six feet under.


Paranormal cozies have been on the nightstand lately. It's the neatest mixture of amateur sleuth and supernatural. And Ophelia and Abby are two of my favorite amateur sleuths, let alone amateur sleuth witches.

Ophelia is blessed. She has her wonderful grandmother Abby, her daughter Tink, and her best friend Darci. She loves her life as the head librarian, she's coming along in realizing and accepting her abilities as a witch. And along comes Stephen Larsen, hottie author of thrillers and true crime. He is also shot almost as soon as he and Ophelia meet. It's kind of like watching a Bonanza episode, those poor Cartwright boys never catch a love break either.

Ophelia needs to find out who is behind the shooting because of Stephen and because the sheriff is telling her she might have been the actual target.

Five witches and love beans......


Aurian said...

I love this series, I just have to catch up with it. Not sure if I have read 5 or 6 books. Or I could just start over again ...

Vickie said...

Aurian: I love it, too. I do believe I have been re-reading, too, but unintentionally.