18 July 2011

BURIED DREAMS: A Lewis Cole Mystery - Brendan DuBois

From the back of the book: Fatal plunder. New Hampshire magazine columnist Lewis Cole hadn't known Tyler Beach resident and amateur archeologist Jon Ericson long, but well enough to call him friend, and was angry enough to want to know who killed him and why. His death was preceded by an excited phone message to Cole: Ericson believed he had found the elusive proof that Tyler Beach was the original Viking settlement. Had this discovery cost him his life?

Cole sets out to find what Jon had learned and whom he'd told, and confronts some odd characers, including an estranged brother with a grudge, as he stumbles upon a bitter feud between historians and academics. When someone seriously tampers with his car, Cole knows he's made an enemy. Vengeance may not be the purest of motives for the truth, but Cole's got his well as the determination to do whatever it takes---on either side of the law---to make sure Jon Ericson is avenged.


A new-to-me author and series....I love finding these and especially so when they turn out to be a gritty quick-turn-the-page-gotta-see-what's-gonna-happen-next type of read. BURIED DREAMS sort of feels like an amateur sleuth mystery in that Lewis Cole is a magazine writer and he wants to solve his friend's murder. But he has a past with the government and the grit factor ratchets up with Cole's friend Felix Tinios, a 'security consultant' (at least on his tax returns).

Together they work to investigate on their own the death of Jon Ericson. The book begins at Jon's funeral and told in flashbacks throughout. This method can sometimes confuse this reader, but it worked really well here. I got to know Jon a little better and saw what caused Lewis Cole to care so much and need to find his friend's killer.

I look forward to finding the rest of this series. Looks like there are seven books in the series so far, BURIED DREAMS is the fifth according to Fantastic Fiction

Five murder and archeology beans.....

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