24 October 2010

Lady K Chickie Rite of Passage

Lady K went from not ever wanting to have ears pierced to wanting it done as a birthday present when she turns 8, to asking to having them done this weekend. It was Mommie and Me moment at Claire's at the Orchard Center. Thankfully, she saw a girl getting her ears pierced yesterday at the Claire's at the Castlerock Outlet Mall so she was prepared.
Still a little nervous today, but she sat quietly and got it done. She loves her Hello Kitty posts and is already eyeing my collection to see what she can borrow in 8 weeks.
We shopped for earrings afterward and over to Orchard Books to see what I could add to Mt Git'r'Read, then to Abbott's Frozen Custard


Mary said...

My girls were big Hello Kitty fans when they were Lady K's age. I can't believe how grown up she is!

Mickie said...

Perfect perfect choice!Lady K is quite the young lady ...
......and so very pretty♥!

Michele Emrath said...

How precious! Good for you for getting through this. I think I'll be more nervous than my daughter when she's ready for this.

Question...How did you "create a link" to my post today (Jackee Alston guest post on SW US)? I've tried doing it before, but it never turns out right. What web address/title do you put where? Thanks so much!


Sherri said...

Oh Lady K has sure grown up!! I love the Hello Kitty earrings-they are so cute!!