31 October 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Lady K is a live cheerleader as opposed to the undead princess of the night she was last year and the zombie bride she will be next year.....We had a pretty good time of it tonight...we walked a couple of miles and it was all in our neighborhood.


Sherri said...

Lady K made a wonderful live cheerleader!!

Mickie said...

Oh Vickie, I can see the vamp of things to come in our Miss K! Such a little beauty!

Thoughts of Joy said...

It has been so much fun watching Lady K grow up. She's a cutie pie. Rah! Rah!

Vickie said...

Sherri: Thank you, she had the best time.

Mickie: Yep, vamp is a perfect description. She's a vamp hoot.

Joy:*grin* Thank you.