26 October 2010

JUGGLER IN THE WIND: The Wand Bearer Trilogy Part One - Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

From the back of the book: "Now here I was, holding the wand in my own hand, an object of uncanny power. And I felt that power beginning to seep through me, charging me with an energy I had never experienced before, healing all my wounds with each passing dawned on me that I was being tested, called upon to prove something about myself."

When a ragtag circus shows up in the town of Buchanan, Kansas, fourteen-year-old Randy Carmichael faces a deep mystery. Why is his alcoholic mother so troubled by the troupe's arrival? What does Circus Olympus mean to her past--and to Randy's future? Voices summon him , a godlike figure appears in his deams, and supernatural adversaries lie in wait for him as he embarks on a dangerous quest that will take him beyond mortal reality.
I received this from LibraryThing's drawing last month. It's my first YA from them and I hope it won't be my last. I like to read a well written book that intrigues me with premise, characters and story. This one is a little rough around the edges, but it hit all the requisite cylinders for me to enjoy the ride.
I like the direction the start of this trilogy is going. There is mythology and possible deities in the mix. The mystery of who Randy is remembering himself to be, who the Circus Olympus might be and where the journey is going.
I do look forward to the rest of this trilogy and I will be looking for more of the authors' books.

Four mythical journey beans......

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