29 October 2010

IRON LAKE: A Cork O'Connor Mystery #1 - William Kent Krueger, narr David Chandler

From the back of the BOCD: Anthony Award-winning author William Kent Krueger pens and riveting tale in IRON LAKE, the first in a thrilling series about a down-and-out ex-sheriff who is having trouble retiring his badge.

Cork O'Connor loses his job as sheriff in small-town Aurora, Minnesota, after being blamed for a tragedy on the local Anishinaabe Indian reservation. And now he faces losing his family, too, when his wife files for divorce. But he'll have to set aside his personal demons when a young boy goes missing on the sameday retired judge commits suicide---and no one but O'Connor suspects foul play.

Krueger won the Barry Award for Best First Novel and the Minnesota Book Award for this stellar series debut, as well as his first of several Anthony Awards. Narrator David Chandler's thrilling performance of this bone-chilling mystery will leave listeners craving more.
My friend, Lynne, who lives in Minnesota, loves this series. She recommended it a couple of years ago. It took a year or so for me to get it on the WWBL, then another year to find it and get it onto Mt Git'r'Read. I found it on Recorded Books and added it to my wishlist there. I bumped it up to the top and it arrived on my doorstep.
I swear I don't know why I waited so long to read or listen to this superb mystery. It's more than a mystery suspense. It's a book about a man trying to figure out where his life took such a different path than the one he wanted. He is no longer the sheriff, no longer a family man, no longer sure he knows what he wants from life.
The mystery has plenty of twists that are spectacular, but make sense. There is nothing that is contrived.
I'll get my print copy of this book to my dad who will then get it to my sister and there will be two more fans of Krueger and this series.
Five superb thriller in the cold sparkly diamonds......


Thoughts of Joy said...

I can't wait to begin this series. So glad to see you loved the first one. :)

Vickie said...

Joy: I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. DH is listening to it now and likes it already.