01 October 2010

FROM HELL WITH LOVE: A Secret Histories Novel #4 - Simon R Green, narr Gideon Emery

From the back of the BOCD: New York Times best-selling author Simon R Green creates a fantastical world in his Secret Histories novels. This fourth entry in the series finds paranormal investigator Eddie Drood's life getting turned upside-down.
Eddie is assigned to LA---make that Hell A-----when someone tries to acquire a mysterious auction item called the Apocalypse Door. But this plot is the least of Eddie's problems when he hears that the Drood family matriarch has been found murdered, leaving him in charge. Eddie isn't happy about being the new head o thte family, especially now that everyone believes either he or his witch-girlfriend Molly was responsible for the killing. Soince Eddie knows he didn't do it, he doesn't like where this is going.
Publisher's Weekly calls FROM HELL WITH LOVE a "gripping, fast-paced, emotionally intense" addition to Green's popular series. Narrator Gideon Emery deftly portrays the Drood clan in a pitch-perfect performance.
I'm not sure what took me so long to get to this series, but I am going to make up for lost time as soon as I can. Starting with the fourth in the series wasn't a hindrance either. I think this one could be a stand-alone if needs be.
I know Simon R Green from his Nightside series which is one I would like more if it didn't have the little tic of stating something about 'the Nightside' in every other paragraph.
Thankfully, this series seems to be tic-free. Absolutely nothing to bug my tic-picky brain. Everything to dig as far as action and well-written characters of both good and evil and excellent world-building, witty dialogue. It started, for me, with Eddie Drood's undercover name, Shaman Bond. Well, maybe it started with the punny titles of the series:
However it started, I will be back for more Eddie Drood, Molly, and the rest of the good guys versus bad.
Five Bond, Shaman Bond beans.......

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