18 October 2010

Books in the House Monday - 18 Oct 2010

From Becky (NoMoreGrumpyBookseller) after she saw my WWBL a couple of weeks ago:
AWAKENING - S J Bolton, thriller, HB

LibraryThing September win:

JUGGLER IN THE WIND: Wandbearer Trilogy Book One - Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin, YA fantasy, TPB

High Crimes Mystery Bookshop:

CHAPTER AND HEARSE: Booktown Mystery #4 - Lorna Barrett, cozy mystery, MPB

DEEPLY, DESPERATELY: Lucy Valentine #2 - Heather Webber, cozy paranormal mystery, MPB

POISON: A Novel of the Renaissance - Sarah Poole, suspense, TPB

THE MISSING INK: Tattoo Shop Mystery #1 - Karen E Olson, cozy mystery, MPB

DARK AND STORMY KNIGHTS - Anthology of Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, Carrie Vaughn, Vicki Pettersson, and more....

WINGS TO THE KINGDOM: Eden Moore Story #2 - Cherie Priest, paranormal suspense, TPB

From Ginny on WW BTO:

CALL THE DEAD AGAIN - Ann Granger, British mystery



Mary said...

Deeply, Desperately is on my TBR list. Enjoy all your new books!

Sherri said...

Enjoy the books-it is a great pile for sure!!

Vickie said...

Mary and Sherri: I will definitely have plenty of fun books for a long time to come.