20 July 2010

TONIGHT I SAID GOODBYE: Lincoln Perry #1 - Michael Koryta

From the back of the book: Investigator Wayn Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his home in an upscale Cleveland suburb, and his wife and six-year-old daughter are now missing. The police think the former Marine murdered them. Hping to exonerate his son, Weston's father hires PIs Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard.
Perry and Pritchard soon discover there is much more beneath the surface, including rumors of gambling debts, extortion, and ties to the Russian mob. But just when Perry and Pritchard believe they are making swift progress, a millionaire real-estate tycoon and the FBI advise them to back off of the investigation.
Then without warning, another murder suddenly forces them to change direction in the case as they uncover a trail of deadly twists--but the most shocking secret of all has yet to be unraveled.....
I have read a few reviews here and there on this series and this author. I am glad I followed my instincts and bought this thriller and read it pretty much immediately upon its arrival. I had an agenda as I have been neglecting my thriller and suspense books on Mt Git'r'Read in favor of the cozies, UF, and other mysteries. That's not a bad thing, all the books have been pretty sweeeeet....but my dad is coming out in August and we trade thrillers and suspense between the three of us (Seester, Dad and moi) and I have been lax in the trading on my part.
SO...I read this, what turned out to be, superb thriller by this new-to-me author, Michael Koryta.
This book had me squinching my toes up and have some wildass dreams (it was my bedside book) of Russians chasing me in the pool and off of balconies. At least, in the dream, I had a bigass gun.
Lincoln Perry is a flawed character with an intriguing past of disgrace and looking to redeem himself, sort of. He and his partner, Joe, are good at what they do as private investigators. They are hired by the father of a presumed suicide victim. The father wants to clear his son's name and he thinks his son was murdered instead of having committed suicide. There is more to the case than meets the eye and all hell breaks loose.
Anything else will be spoiler city, so I will leave you with this...if you like a tightly honed, superbly written thriller that Lee Child called, "A terrific,first-class debut full of suspense, tension, tricks, and charm." Then this book is for you!
Five terrific, first-class beans.....


Jen D. said...

Hi Vickie. Thanks for posting this review. I haven't heard of this author or book before. I shall be adding it to my own Mt. Git'r'Read. LOL...I love that word!

Vickie said...

Jen: *grin* Thanks! It's a really good book and I can highly recommend it. Mt Git'r'Read came about when some friends and I were discussing how big our TBR piles and stacks were. Mine is definitely as big as a mountain. And I love 'Mater in the movie Cars.

SuziQoregon said...

He is a good author. I read this one a while back, but just read the second in the series a few weeks ago. Definitely an author to follow. He's also got some standalones.

Vickie said...

SuziQ: I am definitely following him. He is amazing!