25 July 2010

Blooms on Sunday

More garden art, a dragonfly we found in Pickets , the neatest garden shop in Golden CO...sadly, the owner has retired and the shop is no longer open..but you can click on the link and see what treasures were in the shop
The reason we have the plants we have....gotta keep those bees happy or they will disappear and we really can't have that happen

A very happy coneflower/echinacea in the front berm

Russian Sage, DH's favorite of the garden beds..and the fragrance..and the bees go bonkers for the blooms

I am pretty sure this is prairie's one my dad brought out in a cement pot he made


Jen D. said...

I love your garden. I wish I didn't have such a black thumb so I could at least attempt a container garden.

Sherri said...

Vickie, your garden looks wonderful! I love that Russian Sage!!

Vickie said...

Jen D: Thank you! The beauty of most of our garden is xeric, so just about all of it is fool (or black thumb) proof. Give it a try, start small.

Vickie said...

Sherri: Thanks! The Russian Sage is sooooo sturdy and gorgeous. And smells wonderful.