31 July 2010

HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER: A Bibliophile Mystery - Kate Carlisle

From the back of the book: A new chapter begins.....

Brooklyn Wainwright is a skilled surgeon. Sure, her patients might smell like mold and have spines made of leather, but no ailing book is going to die on her watch. The same can't be said of Abraham Karastovsky, Brooklyn's friend and former employer.

On the eve of a celebration for his latest book restoration, Brooklyn finds her mento lying in a pool of his own blood. With his final breath, Abraham leaves Brooklyn a cryptic meassage, "Remember the devil," and smiles as she takes possession of his priceless--and supposedly cursed--copy of Goethe's FAUST.

Brooklyn suddenly finds herself accused of murder and theft, thanks to Derek Stone, the humorless--and annoyingly attractive--British security officer who found her kneeling over the body. Now she has to make sense of the clues left behind by her mentor if she hopes to restore justice.....


I made this my purse book as it meets the requirements, a story I wouldn't be hard-pressed to try to keep up between reading time and it must fit in my purse and not take up too much space. Cozies/Amateur sleuth books fit this bill nicely. Only this one, I wanted to spend more time with than I was getting. The characters are funny and smart or really slap the face mean. The career/artistry of the main character, Brooklyn, is a first for me. I am pretty sure I haven't read a book with bookbinding as the path any of the characters have wandered and this was a real treat. Seeing the love of the craft, the tools required, the people involved, all that jazz...but that never felt forced or overwhelmed the story. It was nicely in the background and moved the story and mystery along.

Brooklyn getting involved as the amateur sleuth was nicely done, too. Her friend, Abraham, was murdered and she was accused of the murder and she wanted to clear her name and find who actually killed her mentor and friend.

I loved Brooklyn's family and her background of commune living and Grateful Dead memories of her mother and father. I want to visit Dharma, the commune, and the winery that Brooklyn's dad operates with love and wisdom. And her mom is priceless and very spiritual and funny and warm.

Five fab peace out book beans......

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Kris said...

Looks like a great start to a new series.