26 October 2009

HEAD GAMES: A Body of Evidence Thriller - Christopher Golden, narr Julie Dretzin

From the back of the book: Jenna Blake is home from college for the holidays, and this is one vacation she'll never forget. First, the mayor appears to commit suicide by jumping off a building. Then, several childhood friends suddenly erupt in murderous rages.
As a pathology assistant working with the county Medical Examiner, Jenna has more than a passing interest in these events. Together, she and Dr Slikowski uncover evidence suggesting the mayor was dead before he fell from the building. And when authorities blame the teenage violence on video games and movies, Jenna believes something far more sinister is behind the madness.

Christopher Golden is an award-winning , LA Times best-selling author. Other books in his Body of Evidence series includes BODY BAGS (Loved it!) and SKIN DEEP. Through narrator Julie Dretzin's riveting performance, Jenna emerges as a smart and brave young woman.
I do enjoy this series of YA forensic mystery. Jenna is smart and her character is written enough as an 18 year old learning how to get older and going home isn't easy, but an intelligent 18 year old who knows she will be up for the journey.
Jenna comes home for Christmas and realizes that she isn't sure one can really go home again. She is torn between missing her mom and her friends in her hometown and missing her other home at college with her job working with Slick and Dyson and the friends and boyfriend in her college life. The murders of the families throws a light on the changes in her relationships with her high school friends. She feels compelled to help the police and her friends think she's weird for wanting to do so. The murders are appalling, but they think Jenna is full of herself now. The police think she's too young to be of any help.
There are some amazing co-ink-e-dinks that move the story along at a rather rapid pace, but it's a short book, so it was likely necessary and reasonably understandable.
I look forward to reading/listening to the rest of the series. Christopher Golden is on my WWBL and has been for a while. Highly recommend...
Four don't judge a book by it's young cover beans.....


Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Oh look! A book where I'm the main character. I must read this.

Thoughts of Joy said...

I have Body Bags (which sounds great) on my iPod, and I almost chose it a couple of times. I'll get to it soon! Glad to see that you liked this one as well.