26 October 2009

Books in the House Monday

From Dad:
THE NIGHT FERRY - Michael Robotham, suspense
BLUE HEAVEN - C J Box, suspense
QUANTICO - Greg Bear, suspense
FREE FIRE - C J Box, suspense
FOOTPRINTS OF GOD - Greg Iles, suspense
TRIPWIRE - Lee Child, suspense
THE STRAW MEN - Michael Marshall, thriller
CITY OF THE SUN - David Levien, suspense

From cousin Kathy in Wise, Virginia:
VERY VALENTINE - Adriana Trigiani

From Mary Ann (for my seester):
THE SUGAR QUEEN - Sarah Addison Allen

From the author, thanks to Goodreads Book Giveaway:
DEATH MESSAGE - Mark Billingham, suspense

From Lisa @ Online Publicist

High Crimes Mystery Bookshop:

Big Ass Box of Books from Our Lady of the Books Pamala:
CORPSE POSE: A Mantra For Murder Mystery - Diana Killian, cozy mystery
24 HOURS - Greg Iles, suspense
THE HARD WAY - Lee Child, suspense
TRIPWIRE - Lee Child, suspense (now have three copies)
MORTAL FEAR - Greg Iles, suspense
INNKEEPING WITH MURDER - Tim Myers, cozy mystery
SHAMUS IN THE GREEN ROOM - Susan Kandel, cozy
BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE - Lee Child, suspense
WITHIN THE SHADOWS - Brandon massey, horror
RUNNING BLIND - Lee Child, suspense (now have two copies)
DROWNED NIGHT - Chris Blaine, horror
MURDER ON WASHINGTON STREET: Gaslight Mystery - Victoria Thompson, cozy
CRY WOLF - Patricia Briggs, paranormal
THE GIRLS HE ADORED - Jonathan Nasaw, thriller
WICKED THINGS - Thomas Tessier, horror
FEAR THE NIGHT - John Lutz, thriller
THE FALLS - Ian Rankin, suspense
BLEEDING HEARTS - Ian Rankin, suspense
EVERY FEAR - Rick Mofina, suspense
FROST OF HEAVEN - Junius Podrug, thriller
FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW - Giles Blunt, suspense


Mary said...

It's raining books!!! Yay!

Vickie said...

Mary: I am not even caught up yet! These are the ones that have been coming in just before we went to Virginia, while we were in Virginia and just after we got back. I have been playing catch up since. = )

Sherri said...

Vickie, that is one huge pile of books! Enjoy!

Thoughts of Joy said...

WOWSERS!!! How exciting! Maybe a little overwhelming, but exciting just the same. :) Get reading, girl!

Vickie said...

Sherri: It made for a big stack on the floor where I keep them until I post them....then I find a place to hold them until I can get to them. I have a lotta books...

Joy: A little overwhelming, yeah...I am ready for any book drought or getting snowed in...