05 October 2009

THE MEDIATOR: REUNION - Meg Cabot, narr Johanna Parker

From the back of the audiobook: Suze Simon, a teenaged mediator who guides ghosts to the afterlife, is having a great time with her best friend Gina from New York. That is until four ghosts, the "RLS Angels", show up looking for revenge. The angry spirits died in a car accident and they blame Michael Meducci, a nerdy boy with a crush on Suze.
Suze starts spending time with Michael to protect him. After all, she's one of the few people wo can see the ghosts. And Michael isn't too bad--under those glasses he is even somewhat of a hottie. But there's something strange about the accident that took the Angels' lives. Is it possible they are rightfully seeking revenge on Michael? Could he be their killer?
The Mediator series has earned #1 New York Times best-selling author Meg Cabot unrivaled praise for her portrayal of a smart, courageous heroine. Johanna Parker's skillful narration perfectly captures Suze and her supernatural exploits and adventures.
I look forward to reading or listening to each of these books. I admire Suze for what all she goes through as a teenager and then to have the mediator gig thrust on her and she still keeps on going.
The dialogue, the action, the smoothed over language when the dialogue is intimated that it's getting a little on the rough side.
It's fun to go along with Suze and her wishful romance with Jesse, the ghost who lives in her room. Father Dominic cracks me up wiht his wanting Suze to be more compassionate with the ghosts who need help and sometimes the ghosts don't need compassion so much as an ass kicking.
I am either really in touch with my inner YA or Meg Cabot just rocks as a writer. I go with a happy in between. I'd say 'happy medium', but that would be just too too dontcha think?
Five I highly recommend this series beans.....


Rebecca said...

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Mary said...

LOL, I was thinking 'happy medium' just before I read it :D

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin*