21 October 2009


From the back of the book : Daddy's Little Girl
For the last few years I'd been in a state of bliss---living under a self-imposed Forgetting Charm, because I so did not want to go into the family business. What I wanted was a glamorous career in New York City and the opportunity for a normal life --- buying designer shoes on sale, dating guys from craigslist, Web surfing for organic dim sum for my boss. And then my father's Executive Assistant, a faun named Jarvis, showed up to tell me that my dad had been kidnapped.
Good-bye Forgetting Charm, hello (unwanted) responsibility. Not only am I expected to step into the CEO slot on the company Board, but I have to "prove my worth" by competing against the Devil's protege--who's so hot in more ways than one. The contest involves finding three (why is it always three?) objects of power. In Hell.
One of them is this adorable puppy--who happens to be a hellhound. The others are turning out to be not much fun. All this so I can take (unwanted) charge of Death, Inc.
My name is Calliope Reaper-Jones and I'm.....Death's Daughter.
I 90% enjoyed the heck out of this book. My only ehhhhh parts was the constant use of 'so' every other sentence or so did not want to join the family business, I so did not know how to tell the boss I couldn't find her organic dim sum...etc..It did ease up as I read farther into the book and I could settle in and not be momentarily irritated from time to time.
My favorite character is the hellhound, Giselda(aka Runt), pup daughter of Cerberus guardian of one of the gates of Hades.
Calliope spends a lot of time finally growing up and accepting her role in life and in the family business. Most of this time is in Hell hanging with the Devil's protege and other places in other ethereal locales with gods and goddesses.
I look forward to the rest of this series and anything else Amber Benson has written.

Four Hades beans.....

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