03 July 2009


Yippee!!! I love three day weekends when we get them. This one includes a project, but not nearly as labor intensive as the patio project we did over Memorial Day weekend. We are adding brick to sort of widen the driveway. We have a stubborn bit of front lawn right next to where I park my car that will not grow grass, so we will brick it and make it an area a little more pleasing to the eye and feet. We'll do the other side of the driveway when we get more brick.
The rest of time will be spent looking for rain that seems inevitable and playing in the pool when it's nice. I am not saying boo about the rain, the gardens can use it. Hopefully no more hail as the veggie plants can't take it. They are just now recovering from the last one that hammered us.
OH, and there are movies to be seen at the show. I think I'll take Lady K to see the new Ice Age flick.
Hope you al have a good weekend, what are your plans??


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th, Vicki! Sounds like a very nice weekend.

Bella Foxx said...

Hi Vickie! Haven't been around B.T. much lately. I took the kids (HUH Oldest is 22 LOL) to see Ice Age. I didn't see it, they are all old enough they don't need me in the theater. I went shopping!

Vickie said...

Kay: Happy 4th to you!

SuziBell: Yep, I think they're old enough to go by themselves. I love shopping almost better than movie going.