31 July 2009


Here's a blurb from the author's blog : Abigail Angel may not enjoy being a law enforcement Angel for Demon Control, a branch of Angels Inc, but she excels at it. Deporting unruly demons back to Hell is her specialty. Her personal life, on the other hand, could use a little work. The virtuous and pristine genes seem to be missing in this particular Angel, getting Abigail in trouble more than she likes to admit. To date, her biggest vice has been Simeon Keller, a half demon/half human, who effortlessly managed to seduce Abigail five years ago. She’s avoided him ever since but she still can’t seem to knock the bad reputation the blunder has branded on her.Now, the threat of a demon rebellion has Angels Inc overwhelmed and Abigail must trust Simeon to help her find and deport the fiends who are attempting to destroy earth’s only salvation. Staying out of Simeon’s bed is the least of her worries as she fights for her life and the lives of all Angels and humans everywhere.

I had fun reading this book. It takes place in Denver area and mentioned several places and towns I recognized. I like that angels are coming into their own in the paranormal mystery genres. This is a cool take where there are different agencies of Angels, Angels of Death, Demon Control, Guardian Angels (no fun to be roomies with, they are SO overprotective)....Abigail is a Demon Control Angel and is good at her job even if some of her coworkers think she has some priority issues. She sort of kissed a demon she was supposed to mark for an infraction, but she couldn't seem to help herself. Simeon is a half demon and is doing his part to help demons be better with his demon employment agency. Abigail and the rest of the Angels aren't sure they can trust him, though. There's a contigent of demons attacking Angels and Simeon's name keeps popping up....what's an Angel to do?
My favorite character in all of this is Isabelle, the Messenger of God, or MOG, for Demon Control Center. She wears tie-dye, smokes doobies, and is super mellow. Just cracks me up. The reader can't get wrapped around the axle about the ideal or stereotype Angel...these Angels are all female and some of them cuss and all kick ass, since they are Demon Control after all. The males are ex-Angels as their testosterone got them in some trouble in the past. They are now in the office area doing the paperwork.....
Simeon is a honey the way it reads in the book. Hard to resist, I'm sure....

Four ass kickin' Angel beans...


Viola Estrella said...

Thanks so much for your review! I'm ecstatic that you enjoyed AV. And MOG - Isn't she a trip? She's one of my favorite characters, as well. I look forward to writing about her in the next book.

Take care!

PS - I have a light paranormal romance coming out at the end of October titled Bewitching You, if you'd like to check it out.

Vickie said...

Viola: I really liked AV a lot. I love that angels are making it to the paranormal party. I like having a strong female character with some flaws and idiosyncrosies (sp?)
I look forward to BEWTICHING YOU, too.