21 July 2009

A KISS GONE BAD - Jeff Abbott, narr L J Ganser

B&N Synopsis: When the black-sheep son of a senator is found dead aboard a yacht, there's plenty of pressure on rookie judge Whit Mosley to make his ruling without the usual inquest. Was it suicide, as the family claims? Or did an obsessed killer use the dead man as a pawn in a twisted game? One thing is certain. The closer the judge gets to the truth, the nearer he comes to exposing a viper's nest of drug lords, con artists and power-hungry sharks -- all of whom are out for blood. Only this time, the blood that's spilled could be Mosley's own….
I've read this one before, but it was a while back when I was working on my First in Series Challenge and I'd since forgotten who the bad guys were and the basic premise. My review from Sept 08 is here. So it was like a brand new book as far as I was concerned. I remembered really really liking it, though, so thought it would be a good one to listen to. I was right...I do like being right. Cool thing, too, DH really really liked it as our commute book last week. He requested I get as many of them as are available from RecordedBooks. It's the narrator, L J Ganser, pictured below. He is the perfect voice for Judge Whit Mosley.
Whit is considered the black sheep of the family now justice of the peace in the small town in Texas along the southern coast. I think he is just looking for his niche in life. He's found it as the interim justice of the peace. He sets out to investigate the case of a possible suicide of another black sheep son of a Texas senator. Everyone wants it to be a suicide, but Whit just isn't so sure.
My review from Sept is still valid, so won't do more here. I did bump up the bean count due to the fabuloso voice of L J Ganser. He totally made the book even better.
Oh, and I still have a crush on the book and get to know him.... = D
Five fabuloso beans....

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