08 July 2009

DON'T CALL ME A CROOK: A Scotsman's Tale of World Travel, Whisky, and Crime

" It is a pity there are getting to be so many places that I can never go back to, but all the same, I do not think it is much fun a man being respectable all his life."
So begins the tale of Bob Moore, a man from Glasgow, Scotland in the 1920's. Bob was a marine engineer by trade and a thief, womaniser, diamond smuggler, gunrunner, liar, drunk ne'er do well by choice. He seized opportunities as they came and generally came up smelling semi-rose like from almost all altercations. He traveled the world and never seemed able to go back where he'd been due to misunderstandings or broken hearted women or mugs who would like to see him dead.
I'd like to think I'd hate to be around this guy, but I have a weakness for Scottish accents and charm, so I would likely have been suckered into something by Bob. He was able to 'justify' all of his actions as they happened, never being feeling at fault for the most part, even when murder occurred. It was always justifiable in his mind and seemingly casually mentioned to the reader.
I wish I knew what caused Bob to write his 'true autobiography' as he calls it. Was it suggested or did he feel the need to expound and boast of his adventures and reminiscences.

Four 'blameless' scoundrel beans.....


Pam said...

This has been on my list. I'm glad you reviewed it!

Vickie said...

Pam: I hope you enjoy it. It's an interesting and fast read.