11 February 2009

PLAYING WITH FIRE: A Novel of the Silver Dragons - Katie MacAlister

I absolutely have a fab time reading Katie MacAlister's books. Any and all of them. This one delivered the smartass dialogue-in', butt kickin', dragon lovin' goods. It veers ever so slightly away from our buddy, Aisling Grey, Guardian, demon lord and dragon mate...but she's in this book and I hope shows up from time to time for the series.
May Northcutt is a doppelganger. Her twin, Cyrene, a naiad, had her created about 80-some years ago. Cyrene had to give up her common sense to the demon lord (and silent film star) who created May. May is also bound to said demon lord, stealing anything that catches his fancy. May is a born (or made) thief with the ability to convince locks into openening and able to shadow walk, basically disappear. She meets Gabriel, wyvern of the Silver Dragons, during a heist. Gabriel is thrilled to meet his mate. All sorts of mayhem and fire and smoke and paranormal ass-kicking ensues for a fun romp. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.
Four dragonfire beans.....bookmark to be posted later....


TexasRed said...

I really liked this book -- although I wish the books in the series were more clearly labeled as to where they fall in the series.

Vickie said...

TexasRed: I kind of go with the flow on Katie's books, but I know I was a little surprised to see Aisling pregnant. When the heck did that happen and in which book? So I can empathize.