25 February 2009

DEAD TO THE WORLD - Charlaine Harris

This is my second time with this book. First time was reading it and I enjoyed it a lot. This time was listening to it in the car with DH for our commute. He is hooked on this series now. He was nibbling before with the last listen, LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS, but he is now a bonafide fan and asked when we can listen to more of the series. He likes the action, the writing, the action, the paranormal angle, the action..... you get the drift....He has watched some of the HBO series, True Blood, and likes what he's seen of it, but I think he likes listening to the book series even more.

This one is my favorite. Eric loses his memory and his sense of self thanks to a witch's curse and he is much less arrogant and appealing. Now don't get me wrong, arrogant Eric is appealing to me, but it's nice seeing a different side to him. Sookie is made responsible for his welfare.

Sookie has enough on her plate, though. Her brother goes missing, there's the witch coven trying to take over the businesses in Shreveport and somehow she gets pulled in to help. There's a pissy were-lynx who has it in for Sookie....

Five somebody-cut-Sookie-some-slack beans......

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naida said...

I need to read this series, everyone raves about it.
how cool that you hubby likes listening to it too.