20 February 2008

STRIPPED - Brian Freeman

What a fab read/listen! I didn't miss anything by starting with second in the series, but now I can't wait to read the first in the series, IMMORAL.
This, like all of my favorites, is a character study as much as it is a thriller. I empathized with the good guys and one or two of the bad. There were several back stories going on at any given time and they all meshed.
My favorite part was that just when you thought the story had been kept going and it made sense and it wasn't just to fill out a few more pages. The stories had to be told.
My favorite character: Amanda. Loved her bite and humor.


Joy said...

So glad to hear this! I had Immoral in my hands when it first came out and for some sad reason put it back. I've had it on my challenge lists too, but it just has never made it. I WANT TO READ IT!

Vickie said...

Joy: I will be reading IMMORAL for your First in Series Challenge. Thankfully, no limit on how many of those to read. = )

Mary said...

Vickie, I tagged you for a meme. Check my blog!