12 February 2008

I Feel the Need....the Need for Root Canal.....AGH!!!

*whimper*.....I can feel that dadgum back tooth, really below the tooth start the flare up. It does this from time to time ever since that lame-o dentist tore the living (literally) heck out of my nerves while trying to dose me with novacaine (is that a capitlized word??). Went for one appt and he shot me up 7 times trying to numb the area enough to drill and fill. Nope, not gonna happen, so we made a new appt. He made a 'cocktail' and it worked....mostly. I basically just sucked it up and let him have his way with the drill and fill (that does sound so wrong in so many ways) and we finished it up.
This was all while I was active duty Air Force and this was a contracted dentist as Buckley did not have its own dental office on base. I retired from the Air Force and started using DH's dental plan and dentist. LOVED HER! I told her the deal of the last time after she told me that a new filling was needed as the first one was caving. She told me that likely the dentist really couldn't find the right place to numb. She said she would do a better job. And, guess what?? She did! The shot felt like honkin' big bee taking aim at my gum, but I felt nothing afterward. She did the work and all went well. She did tell that I would likely have issues later due to the damage from the previous scenario of the dentist in the past who should burn in Hades.
And, guess what....she was right!! Every couple of months, that area in the back of my tooth-al area, lower right side of my face, starts its little throb which builds to a nice crescendo and then it subsides after a day or so. The last episode was just before Christmas and I told DH about it. He took a look-see and pronounced the need for root canal. The area looked pretty shadoobie. He prescribed Motrin and a Listerine rinse and I actually felt better soon after. But he made me promise to make a dental appt as soon as the holidays were over. Okaaaaaay!
No flare ups since then, but I did make the appt and the doctor saw the root canal and the need for two crowns. OH BOY!!
So, secondary insurance is called for. Applied and got it, now to use it. Working up the nerve to fix the nerve.


Lynne said...

Ouchie! There's nothing worse than a toothache - well, maybe an earache, but toothaches are REALLY, REALLY bad! I hate going to the dentist, but we have a good one and she doesn't hurt. Hope it all feels better soon!

jezebelsk said...

Poor thing! I had major dental work about a year ago (so bad they put me to sleep - yay!). There is nothing in the world better than going to sleep and waking up with a pretty smile & lots of happy drugs.

I sure hope that your dental work isn't so extensive, but that it does help as much as mine did.

Vickie said...

Thanks to both of you for the empathy. I am feeling better now, thanks to Motrin.
I have never had root canal or crowns, so that is what is terrifying me. I WISH they would put me out, but I am fairly certain it is all local. sigh.....

Mary said...

Vickie, been there, done that. I think the key is having a great dentist. I was terrified the first time but LOVE my dentist. I swear, it didn't hurt. The worst part was the anticipation. I hope you have a dentist you like/trust. I felt so much better after the work was done. Good luck!

Vickie said...

Mary, Thanks. It is the dread and anticipation that is probably the worst.