09 February 2008

DEATH'S ACRE - Dr Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson

Finished another super book on non-fiction style, DEATH'S ACRE, was a greatly informative read. I had heard of The Body Farm before while reading Patricia Cornwell (before she turned to shite). Her book of that name was superb and just made me want to visit this site of forensic discovery and study. Kind of gross, maybe, but I found it fascinating. I will never be a forensic scientist, but I love reading about it. Up to now, it's been fiction. I found Jefferson Bass while looking for medical mysteries for a summer challenge last year. Found and read and totally dug CARVED IN BONE. I found that Jefferson Bass was really Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson and that they had written some non-fiction as well as some more of what was going to be a series. Found DEATH'S ACRE and FLESH AND BONE for my ever increasing TBR.
I highly recommend DEATH'S ACRE if you like the background of some of the medical mysteries we read. I have a new appreciation of the science and the work and dedication and time it takes. I love CSI shows to pieces, but the bad guys don't get caught that quickly!

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