14 February 2008


There, that's what I wanted to post!


Mary said...

Vickie, I love the pic. Have a great Valentine's Day!

jezebelsk said... darling! I saw a thing on the food channel the other day, they were trying to show how to make these. I still don't think it's happening in my kitchen! Happy Hearts Day!

Joy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Click HERE!

Vickie said...

Happy Valentine's to you all, too.

jezebelsk: Yeah, same here. I watch FoodNetwork and post pics. That's about all I can handle, pretty food-wise. The coolest thing I ever saw was the dude at an Irish pub draw shamrocks on top of the foam of each Guiness he pulled.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful 14th! I was so busy getting the challenges that I completely forgot.