19 February 2008

Skimming....not reading....MURDEROUS GLAZE - Melissa Glazer

I used my Life is Too Short rule....
Not diggin' it, so gave up. I won't count as a book read as I was skimming more than I was actually reading. I didn't care about any of the characters! Knock 'em out, put 'em out of their misery!

I'm glad I've read other cozies, well written and entertaining cozies, before this. If I had to base my opinion on the cozy genre based on this one, I'd have tossed every single one in the collection on Mt Git'r'Read. And I have a lot of those wonderfully slender, perfect for purse sized, titled-like-a-country-song books. So thank you Cleo Coyle, Elaine Viets, Kate Collins, M C Beaton, Nancy Atherton, Sarah Stewart Taylor, Casey Daniels, Denise Swanson, Sarah Strohmeyer, Susan Wittig Albert, Laura Childs, etc....for writing wonderful cozies and lighting the way.

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