03 September 2010

LEAD-PIPE CINCH: Georgiana Neverall Mystery #2 - Christy Neverall

From the back of the book: Drowning in a moat is so Middle Ages.....
When Georgiana Neverall left behind her fast-paced, corporate lifestyle to become a plumber's apprentice in Pine Ridge, Oregon, she thought she knew what she was getting into. But she hadn't pictured herself knee-deep in a muddy trenc, building a moat-part of a state-of-the-art castle that will soon house a retired Microsoft engineer.
She also hadn't planned on running across the man who stole her former company and dumped her--Blake Weston, who's on-site to provide security for the castle. When it turns out Blake's in a little over his head--in the moat, that is--Georgiana finds herself the number one suspect in his murder. To clear her name, Georgiana will have to pursue the remote possibility that someone out there despised Blake Weston more than she did.....
Even with only two books, this has quickly become one of my favorite cozy series. I love the premise of the main character meandering back home, trying to keep her head up after getting shite-canned from the company she created in California, going to work as a plumber's apprentice. A cool premise, a good reason for the main character to get involved in the solving of the murder, excellent side characters to either help or hinder the main character along the way.
I really liked getting the backstory on Georgie's life in California and the contrast with her life now at home in Oregon. She still has her fingers in the computer security life, just an eensy bit by helping her friends keep their computers up to date and safe. She has her candy apple red Corvette she bought with her first big stock option check. And she still has her two Airdale pups, Daisy and Buddha.
I really think I have DH convinced to get an Airdale when it's time to get a dog in the household.
Five a plumber's life for me beans.....

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