03 September 2010

GRAVE SECRET: Harper Connelly #4 - Charlaine Harris, narr Alyssa Bresnahan

From the back of the BOCD: New York Times best-selling author Charlaine Harris pens darkly inventive paranormal tales, including the immensely popular Sookie Stackhouse novels. With GRAVE SECRET, Harris returns to her beloved Harper Connelly series to deliver a thrilling mystery.
Ever since Harper was struck by lightning, she's been able to see and hear the last memories of the dead. Going on the road with her stepbrother Tolliver, she uses this unwanted gift to solve crimes and bring clients closure. Now, besides handling a budding romance with Tolliver, Harper is on the trail of a particularly gruesome killer in rural Texas, and she must act quickly before more lives are lost.
A tale of dark desires and even darker intentions. Harris' fourth book in the series shows why she's become a household name in fiction. A gripping performance by Alyssa Bresnahan will have readers tingling in rapt anticipation.
This defnitely is the best of the series.There isn't as much of the searching for bodies with Harper's ability. I missed this aspect a lot, but what this reader/listener got in return is a heavy duty look at Harper's background. The poverty, the drug addicted parents, the kids all trying to keep the family together as best they can. There is also a look at the time of the disappearance of Cameron, the oldest sister.
This had the feel like it could be the last of the series. A lot of issues are addressed, but it could also clear the way for Harper and Tolliver to move on, so there could be more books. I hope so, cause this one was a humdingah.
Harper is hired by a wealthy family in Texas and the trouble begins. Someone is shooting at Harper and people around her are getting hurt.
GRAVE SECRETS has some serious twists and turns and many "Holey McCrappes!" left my lips.
Five if this the end it's a humdingah way to go beans.......

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